What I'm Playing - May 2017

Saturday, 27 May 2017


It feels like its been May forever, but now that the stress of moving cities has passed I can finally get back on track with whats really important. Playing games and writing about them. This month I haven't really been able to play a load of different games but the ones I have managed to squeeze in have been pure grade A awesomeness. So here's what I've been playing this May.


SOURCE: ATLUS [via. YouTube]

Finally, Persona 5 has made it's way into my hands after the YEARS of waiting. I first started on the Persona train way back in 2008 when Persona 3 FES was released in the UK, and I became a devout fanatic of the series instantly. For the uninitiated Persona is a turn-based JRPG set in modern day Japan, with the bonus twist that you're a high school student that fights evil on the side. Now if that isn't a perfect setup for some truly high class shenanigans I don't know what it. During the day you go to school, make friends or get a part time job. Also as your relationships in the real world grow stronger, so do your abilities in combat.

Now this is definitely not a game that I would not recommend for your average gamer, as it does serve a very specific niche. I have been a avid JRPG fan for years, so the mass of text that needs to be read through before the action doesn't come as a surprise. But I could see it easily putting off people who aren't used to it. I'll write more about the game after I complete it.


SOURCE: Paradox Interactive [via. YouTube]

No matter what, Cities Skylines manages to keep dragging me back in to a serious city building binge every few months. This month it was because of the release of the new DLC, Mass Transit. All of the releases from the Skylines team adds something to substantially change the game-play, and evolve the game closer towards becoming the ultimate city builder. This time they add options to change and add all kinds of new public transport and road types. With careful planning your city can be a traffic utopia. The features added in this expansion have been long sort after, like the ability to remove traffic lights from junctions is so handy. Needless to say I'll still be playing this for a long time to come.


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