Goodbye May 2017

Monday, 29 May 2017

This year, May has been one of the busiest months ever. Full of stress, heat, nervousness and adventures. Now that all the hectic days are starting to calm down a bit I feel that I'm able to plan for the future. Not just financially but also being able to plan what adventures to go on next. So here's whats been going on for me in may.

Well to start with me and Jemma moved into a new house back in my hometown of Plymouth. Moving is stressful at the best of times and is something that I'm never in a rush to do. I'm very much a creature of comfort and I easily get stressed out by change. Heck, I get stressed out deciding what litter trey liners to get the cats. So now that I'm here and and able to go at my own pace sorting bits out, I feel like the weight from actually getting us and all our stuff down here has gone.

It does feel odd being back in Plymouth again after leaving nearly 5 years ago. There is a bit of a bittersweet feeling like I'm just coming back to this town with my tail between my legs. Even though I know that this isn't true there is still that little niggle at the back of my head. I'll miss Liverpool but things are going to be much easier here to build a lovely little life.

Also finally the sun is starting to shine down, and that marks the start of my happy time. Even though my depression never really goes away, in the summer I'm noticeably happier and generally have far fewer bad days. So that's good news for me, however the heat and muggy weather is something that Jemma hates, we're opposites that way. I really want to enjoy autumn and winter more but I'm just not built for it I guess.

I've been pretty lazy with blogging the past month and half, I would blame it on the move but any free time I have had I've just lounged about. But now that I'm more settled its time to pull myself up by the bootstraps and get typing. 

Hows your may been?
Are you coping with the heat?


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  1. I'm with Jemma on loving colder weather! I like seeing the nicer weather but I don't live anywhere I can particularly enjoy it. I've also been a terrible blogger this month and I haven't even got an excuse! I think I've just been lacking the motivation for it

    Abbie •