4 Reasons Ross Geller is an ASS

Wednesday, 31 May 2017

SOURCE: Warner Bros. Television [via. Screencapped.net]

Sometimes there are characters in shows that make you take a deep breath and sigh "What an Ass". One of the best examples is the massive asshole that is Ross Geller. Who tries to play his nasty side off as being a misunderstood nice guy, but when you really get down to it he is just a massive nob head. If you need any more persuasion here is exhibits 1 through 4 in the trial of Ross Geller vs Society.

SOURCE: Warner Bros. Television [via. Screencapped.net]

On multiple occasions Ross Geller has proved himself no animal lover. His first offence was overreacting to a cat jumping on his back, leading to him physically abusing the animal. Another offence against the animal kingdom came when he decided that keeping a Capuchin monkey in a cramped New York apartment, with insufficient knowledge in monkey care was a good idea. What a Dick.


SOURCE: Warner Bros. Television [via. Screencapped.net]

Ross isn't the best example of stable relationships, that is obvious. But is this because he feels a need to be possessive over whatever poor woman falls for his awful hair. When Rachel finally managed to get her dream job all Ross could focus on was her male coworker. Unable to stand sharing Rachel's time with another man he decide to metaphorically piss all over her office claiming his property. Also while going out with Elizabeth he became all weird about her living a life away from him when she went away for spring break. Leading to him gatecrashing her fun holiday away with friends.


SOURCE: Warner Bros. Television [via. Screencapped.net]

The times are a-changin', but not if Ross can help it. After discovering that his sons favourite toy is a Barbie he tries to force a G.I Joe on him, refusing that boys can play with girl toys too. This showing of how fragile his masculinity is doesn't stop there. When interviewing for a nanny he outright refuses the best candidate for the job because he's male. #Rosssofragile


SOURCE: Warner Bros. Television [via. Screencapped.net]

Ross is just generally a real creepo, who cant stand it when things don't go his way. When someone accidentally eats his sandwich he has a shit fit. When his dad gives Monica a car after destroying her childhood things, he throws a shit fit. He tries to have sex with his cousin. And in high school when he realises Rachel doesn't fancy him he starts a club to obsess over how much he hates her.

There are so many things to hate about Ross but those were just a few. Ross is an ass, I rest my case.

Do you also hate Ross?
How bad is his hair?



  1. Ross is and has always been my least favourite friend. He's whiny, his treatment of women is appalling... he acts all butt hurt when Emily won't take him back after he said HIS EXES NAME at the alter, and then refuses to respect her perfectly reasonable request of never seeing said ex-girlfriend again. Fuck Ross, seriously.

    1. I've always disliked Ross, he's such a poster boy for toxic masculinity even though they tried to portray him as a loveable loser. I always hoped Rachel would see sense and escape to Paris!!