What I've Been Playing - March 2017

Monday, 27 March 2017


This month I've been playing a few new games. Some of them I didn't expect to be as fun as they were. Also for a majority of the month I managed to get a little bit addicted to a new mobile game that took over my life. The Nintendo Switch came out this month with an awesome looking new Zelda adventure, unfortunately I wasn't able to afford one, so it was nice having some new stuff to play while all the Zelda people were being show offs.

Peggle Blast


I missed the boat when the first Peggle came out, but a few years later I ended up getting a free copy for PC and finally realised what all the fuss was about. Peggle is a fun little puzzle game that is kind of a cross between pinball and pachinko. Each level you play features a board with a bunch of blue pegs, with orange ones interspersed between them. The goal is to shoot a ball down from the top of the board to hit all of the orange pegs. This may sound simple, and it is. The beauty of Peggle is starting with such a simple concept, then adding extra depth through new mechanics, characters with special abilities and truly epic music when you finish a level. Peggle Blast is the free to play mobile version of the franchise, like many other free mobile games you make your way up a road of levels. In every new area you change character, this changes the type of skills you can use, and if you want to you can pay for extra lives or to get better skills. 

I've been super addicted to playing this game and the difficulty curve hasn't been too bad. Well, right up until level 53 where I've been stuck for the past week. My patience is getting thin with the game now but I'm hoping after this ridiculous level there will be a few more forgiving ones. Even if just for the sake of my phone staying in one piece.

Yakuza 0

SOURCE: SEGA [via YouTube]

Yakusa 0 was my main purchase for the month. I've never actually played any of the Yakuza series before, but they always seemed fun, like a Japanese GTA without guns. The combat in the games is of the beat-um-up persuasion, with some added improvised weapons every now and then. Set before the first Yakuza game, - a remake of which is being released later this year - 0 follows two separate protagonists who are both trying to get back into the Yakuza after being kicked out. I haven't gotten too far into the main story so far since this game is going to be super long. But one of the most fun things I've found so far are the side stories. The side stories are a bit different from the main super serious story, because they can be majorly goofy. For example one side mission had me trying to teach a punk band how to act bad-ass, after they confided in me that they are really super nice boys. Things like this offer a nice distraction from the brutal main game, also you can do karaoke and disco dancing mini-games. However just be warned if you don't like games with a lot of reading and cut-scenes this may not be the game for you. Since all of the dialogue is in Japanese their is a massive amount of reading to be done before you can get to the action.

Disc Jam

SOURCE: High Horse Entertainment

When I first heard about Disk Jam being one of the free PS+ games this month, originally I didn't think too much about it. I added the game to my account without ever really thinking about playing it. Then one evening after a little bit of wine I decided to give it a try, and it was super fun. Disk Jam is basically just tennis but with a Frisbee. Sounds simple, but the fast paced gameplay makes it seem way more epic then it probably is. I have a feeling that it wants to become the next Rocket League and create a esport based around this new franchise. Not sure if it will be successful but for a little distraction it certainly is fun. 


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