Podcasticopia #4: Sawbones

Thursday, 9 March 2017

The problem with being a podcast fiend, who listens to a large number of different podcasts regularly is that, if I miss a week of podcasts it takes a very long time to catch up. I have just about managed to get caught up with my regular podcasts since I had a week podcast free in January.

This time in my monthly podcast recommendation series, Podcasticopia, is the medical history podcast Sawbones. And if a medical history podcast sounds like more of a sleeping aid then an entertaining, humorous, romp, you couldn't be more wrong.

If you're interested in science, history or even just a fan of interesting facts then sawbones is a must listen, and has been a staple of my podcast docket for years now. Hosted by the marital team of Dr Sydnee McElroy and husband Justin McElroy, each episode focuses on a specific medical theme and tells the story from the very early years of civilisation. Sydnee being a doctor guides a clueless Justin through these topics with an insane amount of knowledge, that I can only imagine took a long time to compile each week.

"So yeah we have some good facts what else?". Well how about a double serving of goofy banter? Well both Justin and Sydnee have a proficient handle on that too, and that is what I guess, helped Sawbones become a successful show. If this was purely a delve into facts and information the reach would probably only be a fraction of what it is now. I have always thought if you can make learning entertaining the outcome will be far above what can be achieved with a mere lecture. The things that I found easiest to retain from my schooling came from those teachers that made their subject exciting and relate-able, rather then just relaying facts from the curriculum. With this new age of digital culture, I believe its getting easier to find this type of information, that's also fun to listen to or watch, and Sawbones could be a poster child for this new wave of quality "infotainment".

More than once on a long night shift I've been listening to an interesting fact from Sawbones and the first thing I'll tell my sleepy fiance in the morning is what I've learnt. But I guess hearing about a man who lived with a hole in his gut, and the experiments around his gut hole isn't what you want to wake up-to in the morning.

Some episodes I think are must listens are; the episode about Vitamins (something I knew painfully little about), Vaccines (a fascinating story in general) and the aforementioned episode The Gut Hole Romance. Also I probably should mention if your squeamish some of these episodes may be a tad too gross for you. But if you can stand the gore Sawbones is a must listen.


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