Goodbye March 2017

Thursday, 30 March 2017

March is when I really feel like the year gets started. After a cold, wet and lazy start to the year, the days start to get longer and I feel more and more motivated. It is also the month of my birthday, a day that I've never been an exceptionally big fan of. But slowly I've been ramping myself up for spring and summer.

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I reached the grand old age of 28 this month. I've never been much of a fan of birthdays, the recognition of the passage of time freaks me out a bit. I think it's probably something everyone goes through, but the more you recognise that you're getting older the more that I feel like I've not done enough, and time is running out. Deep down I really do know that the more I'm worrying about these things the more time I'm wasting, and that I should just get on and do what I really want to do. This is the same kind of issue I have with nostalgia, and why I try my best to repress a certain type of nostalgia. 

The other problem with my birthday is also the same problem I have with Christmas. I always end up feeling tremendously guilty when people make a fuss of me. I don't even know why this makes me feel so bed, because I genuinely like giving other people gifts and seeing them enjoy themselves. But when it comes to me I just can't. 

But regardless of this I still had a lovely quiet day just relaxing with Jemma and not having to do anything in-particular. Just the way I like it.


As some of you may know this year I was trying to do a photo a day challenge on Instagram. Well this month I ended up falling off the #instadaily train, and I have since conceded to the challenge. This was for a few different reasons. Firstly, Instagram is broken and annoying to use! Not just for people who are trying to build a following, but also just for casual browsing. The way this algorithm works now is suited to just building already popular profiles. Even If you just want to look through your follows the was your given content seems like there's no rhyme or reason for it. Secondly, I didn't like forcing myself to find things to take pictures of. I felt like I was just doing it for the sake of it, and I wasn't particularly passionate about some of the photos I was taking. So from now on I'll just be using Instagram for things I really wan't to do.

SOURCE: Irasutoya

The blog has been slowly growing this month, and I've been really pleased with how well a few of my posts have done. There was a week in the middle of the month where I got some severe writers block and wasn't really feeling too enthusiastic about writing. But I persevered onward and tried to put out posts whenever I could. Ideally I'd like to put out one post every other day, but this goal is still a way off yet. Overall I'm super happy with all the content I've been bringing out and cant wait to carry on growing.


~ Gary

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