Feeling Broody With Bob's Burgers

Friday, 24 March 2017

SOURCE: Fox Animation

Bob's Burgers is an animated sit-com that I've been watching for many years now, and has became one of those shows that I keep re-watching many times. In-fact in my previous post I mentioned how it is one of my comfort foods for whenever I feel a bit down. But there's also another thing that feels special about the show to me. That thing is the odd quirky nature of family life it portrays, that although dysfunctional, also is tender and affectionate.

Bob's Burgers focuses around the tried and tested concept of a family based animated sit-com. The Belcher family run a small, unsuccessful burger restaurant in a seaside town. Bob (H. Jon Benjamin), is the run down, loving and quietly optimistic patriarch of the family. He has high ambitions and talent in cookery, unfortunately he's plagued with astounding bad luck. The opening credits of the show even show the various disasters that befall his prised restaurant. The matriarch, Linda (John Roberts) keeps the family upbeat and energised by giving it her all. However this enthusiasm can sometimes make her seem unhinged and manic. Eldest daughter Tina (Dan Mintz), is at a crossroad in her pubescent life while being obsessed with horses and boys, she tries to come to terms with her romantic side, while also suffering from uncertainty and nervousness. Son and middle child Gene (Eugene Mirman), is an eccentric virtuoso who while not being the sharpest tool in the shed makes up for it with his creativity. Lastly there is Louise (Kristen Schaal) the youngest daughter and family troublemaker, she is oddly obsessed with gaining money and power, while also being the queen of sarcasm. 

SOURCE: Fox Animation (via. YouTube)

Each episode finds the family pulling together against hardships, and with the help of a host of fantastic recurring characters, they occasionally come out on top.  The thing that has always appealed to me about Bobs Burgers is that even though every member of the family have their own flaws, they rarely act selfishly, or in a way that would really hurt the rest of the family. 

While I do love shows like The Simpsons, the actions of the characters are often a bit too dysfunctional to be charming. Don't get me wrong over the top antics are perfect for a good laugh, however I always feel like the closeness of the Belchers just gives me a feeling of broodyness that I've never had from a show before. Watching a slightly odd family sticking together, while being able to make fun of each other and mess about just seems appealing to me.

Who are your favourite TV families?


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