Simple Complexity in Hitman GO

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Source: Square Enix

When it comes to smartphone games we tend to hold them to a lower set of standards then we would a full console game. I think this mainly comes from the misconception that something like Candy Crush is all we can expect from the platform. Yes, there is a deluge of simple puzzle games that will happily trigger your endorphins by flashing colours at your face. But if your willing to dig around and spend a few pennies you can find some really challenging and entertaining puzzle games, and Hitman GO is probably one of the first ones you should try.

Hitman Go, - based on the popular assassin stealth series, Hitman -  is Square Enix's minimalist puzzle addition to the series. At first glance the game looks deceptively simple, each level features a board with lines denoting where you can move and enemies that you can either sneak up on and take out, or sneak past without killing anyone. Each of the individual levels fit into a larger map that gets gradually harder as you go progress and ending with a final target to assassinate. The 7 maps, each with its own theme, are unlocked by completing levels while completing challenges in those levels. 

Source: Square Enix [via. YouTube]

Each level can take only a few minutes at most making it an ideal game to play in short busts. I enjoy doing a couple of levels just before bed, or while on the bus. The complexity gradually increases through the addition of enemies that behave differently or additional skills you can use to attack or evade the guards. The ramping up of difficulty is one of the best things in this game, giving you plenty of time to master individual skills, through trial and error before adding a new element to the game. The art style is very simple and beautiful in its minimalism, looking like a very high end board game with simply decorated pieces. Being able to see whats going on at a glance and take time to plan out you moves is something that this un-complex art style allows.

Hitman Go is part of a larger series of Go games including, Tomb Raider and Deus Ex based games and have shown themselves extremely popular despite being a paid game. I tend to think that people aren't used to paying for smartphone games and will try to avoid paid games, and that's a shame because the standard of game you can get on mobile can be extremely high. Especially for something you can play on a device that is pretty much always with you. Hitman Go is currently on sale on the Google Play store for 79p, so there really isn't a reason not to give it a try.


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