Podcasticopia #3: You Must Remember This

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

As you may or may not have noticed it has been quite a few weeks since my last "weekly" podcast recommendation, so for now this series is just going to be whenever the mood strikes me to write about a new podcast that's taking over my ears. This time I can heartily recommend, "You Must Remember This", a podcast about all the secrets, affairs and politics surrounding the first century of a completely new form of media, Film. 

Each episode host Karina Longworth tells a story about the major events and people surrounding this burgeoning industry. The production, and care given to each episode is superb, with occasional acted scenes, complete with score this has to be without a doubt one of the best produced podcasts you will ever hear. Along with this technical and creative attention that goes into each episode, you can tell how each episode has been meticulously and lovingly researched.

The episodes usually form part of a larger series focusing on a single topic. For example the current series - called "Dead Blondes" - focuses on eleven blonde actresses who died under suspicious or otherwise noteworthy circumstances. Past topics range from Hollywood during the Second World War, to the Hollywood scene surrounding the 1969 Charles Manson murders. However my favorite and the one that is becoming more and more significant in light of current events is "The Blacklist". 

I'm pretty sure I first learned about the blacklist while studying Arthur Miller's "The Crucible" in secondary school, in which the Hollywood blacklist is portrayed through the allegory of the Salem witch trials. In reality the blacklist was a list of people accused be the US government of having ties to communist parties or at the very least sympathies. This perceived threat caused many actors to lose work and in some cases their whole livelihood got destroyed because of this alleged subversion. Since the Hollywood blacklist the US Governments manipulation of popular media has drastically lessened, however this series and the lessons within I feel still contain political significance, and is without a doubt some of the best podcasting I've ever heard. 

You can find You Must Remember This HERE

And all the blacklist episodes HERE


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