Goodbye February 2017

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Well February is almost over, even though it's only a few days shorter it always seems to fly by. As we enter March it seems like winter has been with us for an eternity, and I for one cannot wait for spring and summer to warm up the days. But regardless of my mumbled annoyances with how grey and dark it's been, February has been a relatively good month.

Probably the best thing about February for me is Valentines Day . Unfortunately it has been a bit of a cliche to hate Valentines, but I feel like it's probably one of my favorite holidays. Just because I get to spend the day hanging out with someone I love and is my best friend; eating good food, watching films and having a good time. One of the big complaints seems to be that you should be being romantic all year anyway, but I don't really see it as a day of forced romance. I tend to look at it as a celebration of a strong and special bond that two people have, and a chance to just connect without distraction.

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As for the rest of my time it's been taken up with Uncharted 1 on the PS4. The game was really good and I just haven't got a good excuse for not playing it sooner. Also I read the essay by Jon Ronson, "The Elephant in the Room". Focusing on the american election last year, it tries to understand what the main driving force of the Republican voters were, as well as the ideology of some of Trumps top advocates. It predominantly focuses around Alex Jones connection with the camp, as well as some of Ronson's previous experiences with Jones. It's a very interesting piece to read, it's also short enough to finish in an afternoon as well as being cheap as chips at only £1.79 on Kindle or free with Kindle Unlimited

After reading that I started with a beat generation classic, On The Road. In On The Road author Jack Kerouac tells a tale of his adventures traveling and exploring across america and some of  the hi-jinks he gets up to along the way. This book has taken me such a long time to get around to reading, and really it should be right up my street being that I love really subjectively experiential narrative, something this has in droves. I'm not incredibly far into it yet but I'm enjoying it .

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I've been really happy with the blog this month too, and trying to keep to at least two posts a week as that seems to be a good balance, and if I want to post more I can. In "My 5 Pop Culture Comforts" I really enjoyed writing about some of the things that just make me feel cozy and chilled. I think I'll try and do at least 1 list post a month, because they are fun to write and seem to be pretty popular too.

Also this month my post "Year in Depression Treatment" got more views than any other post I've written and it's blown me away. Depression has never been something that I've ever had trouble talking about. Even when I was first diagnosed at 16 I never tried to hide it, and was happy to talk about it with people. But seeing the response that post had gave me a big boost of confidence in regards to my writing. I love writing, but the problem always is that I can never tell if what I'm writing is any good. So although I know that I've still got a lot to improve on seeing something I wrote get a response was amazing. So thank you to anyone who read, shared and commented on any of my posts, it really means a lot. 

I have been keeping up with my photo a day project, all the photos in this post are from this month on my Instagram if you want to follow.


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