Podcasticopia #2: Talking Simpsons

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Right, well it seems I have some explaining to do, a month ago I started the Podcasticopia series saying, "I'll do a new post each week". But here we are a month later with only the second post in the series, what can I say apart from FORGIVE ME. If you have no idea what I'm going on about well this is a series where each week I'll showcase a podcast that I love and think you should all check out, and I promise that regular updates to this series is a 2017 goal. 

Anyway this weeks podcast is the superb "chronological exploration of The Simpsons"; Talking Simpsons from The Laser Time Network. 

The Simpsons has been a cultural touchstone since it first started in the holiday season of 1989 (my first Christmas by the way); with it entering it's 28th season a large amount of the pop culture and historical references may go unnoticed by a modern audience.  The Talking Simpsons podcast has been going through every episode chronologically helping to give context to some of the jokes and references that you may not have noticed. Not only is this interesting to me as a fan of the show but it also gives a historical account of the 80's and early 90's through the lens of a cartoon. 

All the hosts are extremely knowledgeable and have clearly done extensive research before the show, and have all sorts of obscure stories about the production gathered by digging through commentaries and interviews. Since I haven't seen some of the very early episodes in years, just hearing clips from them can bring the whole episode back to me, and it's amazing how much of it has been burned into the forever memory of my subconscious. For a lot of people around my age The Simpsons has been a common point of reference in our lives, and for me in the UK it gave me my first real knowledge of American culture growing up in a pre-internet world. So a lot of what has been referenced in episodes that I may not have noticed as a kid is interesting to find out about after the fact, and gives me a better understanding of the thinking behind some of what went into writing and producing of the show. On top of the top notch information you'll get, the hosts often talk about their experiences growing up with the show in the zeitgeist. Also they can be pretty funny to boot.  

Season 1 of Talking Simpsons is only available to Laser Time's patreon backers but season 2 onward are free to all. You can find Talking Simpsons HERE

~ Gary

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  1. I didn't even know about this! I LOVE THE SIMPSONS! Will definitely check this out!