Goodbye January 2017

Tuesday, 31 January 2017

January is finally coming to a close, and despite it being wet, cold, miserable and quite frankly boring, this year it has also been about getting motivated. So January you have lit a fire under my ass to conquer the rest of 2017 with gusto.
One of the big things I've wanted to do this year is get back on the blogging train after a month and half absence. So I have made a special effort to make time to sit down and write. The problem I have is that I can be super easily distracted, so much so that I end up putting myself in a really low mood because the thing I really wanted to do became impossible 5 YouTube videos ago. It sucks because I love writing and being creative and feel terrible when I'm not, so because I feel terrible I'll distract myself even more, it's a catch 22. But since I tried harder this month to push myself to write more I managed to put out 10 posts, a personal best for me. I hope to improve this because the more I write and work on projects the more mentally healthy I seem to be.

Also this month I've started a little project over on my Instagram. This year the plan is to post one photo a day, something I've learned is that this is easier said than done. Some days the photo had to be a bit rushed, or I had to search around all day for something to take a photo of. Also at the start of the month I was writing a short couple of sentences about how my day was going, as it turns out there are only so many times I was willing to write "going to post orders again". So now I'm not sure what to put in there, maybe a quote I like or something. But either way its been a nice way to stretch that creative muscle of mine. 

As mentioned in a previous post another one of my goals was to read more, so I've been taking my Kindle to work and reading it whenever I get a chance at home too. The first book of the year that I finished was The Summer Book by Tove Jansson, the creator of Moomin. It was a really good tale of the interactions between a Grandmother and Granddaughter and how differently they can view life. You can read my full thoughts on it here.

So onward we go into February the month of LUUURRRRVVVEEE. Valentines Day is genuinely my favorite holiday, since I feel bad any time anyone makes a fuss, spends money on me or I have to spend time in crowds that rules out most holidays. Whereas with Valentines I can just go out have a nice dinner with someone who is genuinely my best mate, then have a little drink and snuggle. I don't see a down side. Also on a different note John Wick 2 with my bae Keanu is out this month, and so is Lego Batman Movie which looks hilarious. 

Also it would be silly not to mention all of the geopolitical trouble happening this year. While it is very important to stay up to date with events, one thing I have learned is that too much of this can end up being detrimental. So take some time and fall into something that comforts you every now and then it's necessary, especially if like me you suffer with your mental health. So stay informed, look after yourself and be kind to others, I'm sure you already are.