5 Games I'm Excited for in 2017 - Pre E3

Monday, 16 January 2017

Source: Nintendo

It hasn't even been E3 yet and still we have some fantastic games to look forward to in 2017, with the return of large franchises like Zelda and Mass Effect, to some new faces and with a truckload of indies thrown in. Also with the release of the new Nintendo system in March there is plenty of pre E3 games to get excited over, so here are my picks of games I'm excited to get my grubby little mitts on this year. 

Persona 5 - PS3, PS4

It seems like I've been waiting for Persona 5 forever, it's been pushed back so many times that I'm in fear any time it's mentioned just in case there are further delays. If you are unaware of the Persona series you could be forgiven, since the last mainline game was on the PS2 in 2008, however it has gotten more recognition since the PSVita remake - Persona 4 Golden - in 2012. The basic premise of the persona games since 3 has been the same, your character and a group of high school friends lead a double life fighting monsters at night, and having to manage school, work and friendships during the day. The friendships you make with other people strengthen your social bond and makes you stronger during the turn based RPG segments. This game may sound like a absolute anime cliche and to be fair it is, however being able to engage with the characters on such a personal level, and learning about their lives and struggles really engages you with the world. Persona 5 has been out in Japan for a while now and has garnered favorable reviews, apparently tackling issues of social unrest and injustice in intelligent and non gratuitous ways. But I'll just have to see for myself when it comes out on April 4th.

Source: Atlas USA [Via. Youtube]

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - WiiU, Switch

Zelda is one of those franchises that has such a keen and vocal fan-base that you can't help but pay attention when a new game comes out. Also since this will be available day one when the Nintendo Switch is released all eyes really are on this title to show off what Nintendo's new hardware can really do. This iteration of the game appears to offer a much larger and detailed world for Zelda fans to explore, add to this beautiful visuals as well. This really does seem like the next logical step for the series to take. Unfortunately for me since I don't have a WiiU and I'm not planning on buying a switch on release, so I'll just have to wait until I can jump into this expansive world myself. Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is out March 3rd. 

Source: Nintendo [Via, YouTube]

Sonic Mania - PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch

Now from technical innovation to some good clean retro fun. Sonic Mania is Saga returning to it's roots with the franchise, giving fans what they want from a sonic game. Gone are the bad 3d platforming and ridiculous storytelling, and what we are left with is good wholesome 16bit fun. Sonic Mania may look like a step backwards but this is what the series thrives at; speedy action with a retro aesthetic. This game is being produced with the help of the teams that have ported the original trilogy to other platforms, so if anyone is up to the task of replicating faithfully the style of those early games it's these guys. I cant wait to play it in Q2 1017.

Source: SEGA [Via, YouTube]

Tacoma - PC, Xbox One

Every year there seems to be a game that comes out and re-affirms my love for narrative based adventure games, or "walking simulators". Last year it was Firewatch that really affected me and has stuck with me for a long time afterwards. This year the studio behind Gone Home, one of the most acclaimed games in the genre is bringing out its second game. Tacoma by Fullbright looks like its going to set a similar melancholic tone, but this time in space. With all games of this type I'm trying to spoil as little as I can, so I don't know too much about what is going on in the game itself, and hopefully I can keep it that way until it comes out later this year.

Source: Fullbright [Via, YouTube]

Yooka-Laylee - PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch 

For a long time video game nostalgia was based purely around the 8 and 16 bit era, with indie developers gravitating toward these styles that they grew up loving. But nostalgia, like time isn't stationary and we are entering an era when the first 3d platformers for the PSX and N64 are becoming a source of nostalgic inspiration. Yooka-Laylee is trying to  tap into this by creating a new franchise in the same vein as the Banjo-Kazooie series. The team behind the game also happen to be a group of Rareware separatists who worked on the original 2 Banjo-Kazooie games. Featuring collect-a-thon 3d platforming game-play and an artistry akin to Rarewares charming N64 era work, Yooka-Laylee is sure to scratch on itch for many when it comes out April 11th.

Source: Playtonic Games [Via, YouTube]

What games are you looking forward to this year?

~ Gary


  1. I'm not much of a gamer myself, but how cool does the new Legend of Zelda game look?! Argh, so excited for that! Also, I love narrative based games too, I love getting sucked into the storyline, so Tacoma looks really interesting. I'll have to check out the other one they did that you mentioned by them as I hadn't heard of it yet! And Yooka-Laylee looks super cute too. - Tasha

    1. Yeah the new Zelda looks amazing, I cant even handle it. haha. Yeah narrative based games don't get much attention and that's a shame because there are some really good ones out there. Gone Home the other game by the Tacoma people is definitely worth checking out, it should be pretty cheap now and only about 3 hours long.

      Thanks for reading :)