What I've Learnt Living With a Cat

Thursday, 3 November 2016

I have always been an animal person, sometimes even preferring them to people. But there was something about cats that always fascinated me, maybe it comes down to them looking so serious all the time even while being complete idiots. Or maybe its just how mystical they seem, I'm sure that's why the ancient Egyptians were into them. Yes, they may poop in your garden but that's just the way they say, "Hey nice little place you have here, I feel relaxed enough to push out a tiny turd". 

As some of you may know I have a little kitty, Luna. I spend half of my day just watching her seeing what she is getting up to. One of the most spoken sentences in the flat is, "Oh my god! Look at the cat". I have always wanted a cat but growing up in a dog family, with a dog that wanted all of my mums attention (and would only listen to her) made that impossible. But now I'm an adult who can make his own pet choices, kinda (a story for another time). So here is a little list of things I've learnt from living with a cat.

1. Your boundaries mean nothing!

Cats are naturally curious and inquisitive, they will want to know what your up to and don't care if you want a bit of privacy. When we close a door, all they see is a challenge. There could be a magical world behind it, a kitty paradise, although every time she has managed to push her way in all she is greeted with is a Gary sat on the toilet. But she will still stick around - and stare - just in case anything happens.

2. Your nerves will go into overdrive!

When Luna was a kitten something inside me just switched and I had to - perhaps obsessively - make sure that she was OK at all times. I thought that if I couldn't see her she's either up to something naughty or in serious danger. 9 out of 10 times I'd run into the bedroom in a panic only to find her chilled out on the bed looking all sleepy. This must be how parents feel, but at least a baby stays in one place - well until they can walk - this cat could walk straight into a hot oven and accidentally trap herself in. Thankfully I've calmed down a bit now, but if I haven't seen the cat for a while I will go search her out just to make sure shes OK.


There is an advert for Dreamies (cat treats) that shows a cat plowing straight through a wall to get to them after hearing the rustle of the packet. This is more accurate than you realise. After hearing or seeing a pack of Dreamies a cats eyes widen and you can tell that this animal would claw right through your chest to get at them. 

4. Cats are not materialistic.

You may think you'r being nice buying that expensive bed, but the cat will prefer your sock drawer. Even though they may look adorable rolling about on the floor with that nice new toy, you can just ball up a muffin case and they will have just as much fun.

5. When you see that cute little face, it's impossible not to harass them. 

When I see a cute cat (or any animal really) pottering about the place, something clicks inside me that forces me to try and pet / cuddle / play with them. Even though the vast majority of the time they want peace and quiet and are very unappreciative of our neediness. I'm sorry cats of the world for my passion for interfering with your lives.

What have you learnt living with a pet?
Does your pet have any weird habits? 



  1. That made me laugh, lunas so pretty! I have a kitten jiji and he literally will be sleeping and then run into the bathroom just to watch every time I need a pee! I have also learnt that I will always give into the meows for dreamies no matter how many times I say no!

  2. AHHHH Luna is so cute. I've never seen a kitten photo of her before!

    Corinne x