What I've Been Playing - Oct 2016

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

This month has been a hard month to play games. Since I have played the Battlefield 1 Beta that is all I have wanted to play and at the end of the month I have finally bought it and played a few matches. I wont mention it in my roundup just because I haven't played much of it. However oh boy, when I do finally write about it expect me to gush about how much I love it. So everything I have been playing has been something to tide me over. Although I did have the chance to play the charming Pokémon Demo; something else I have high hopes for. So here is the hodge podge of what I've been playing.


Source: Square Enix

For a while now I've been looking for a pretty good mobile game that I can just tool about with when I am just chilling out. So I picked up Hitman Go for 97p on the Play Store and for the quality you get 97p is an amazing deal. It's set up like a board game where you have to make your way through a maze while sneaking past or killing off guards. The main thing that really impresses me about Hitman Go is how minimal they make the whole experience. It teaches you the mechanics of the game through trial and error, instead of obtrusive pop up prompts. It encourages you to explore and try different ways of approaching tasks, partly thanks to the quick turn around of level loading when you do fail. Because you can jump back in super quickly and try different way of doing things you are not scared to fail. Plus it just looks super pretty and stylized.


Source: Game Freak / Nintendo

Ever since Pokémon moved to fully 3D in X and Y, I have been pretty down on the main line games in the series. However I decided to give sun and moon a try since there have been a few really cool looking new Pokemon designs. In the short demo you get to see the new region and a few new monsters and mechanics. The feel that I got from the game is something that I haven't experienced in a pokemon game for a while. It looks and feels like a place that you would want to spend time and want to explore, and I cant wait to fall in love with this new pokemon world when it comes out. You can read my full thoughts HERE.

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