Podcasticopia #1: Dead Pilots Society

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

I'm a person who has been listening to podcasts pretty regularly since 2007, and now because of my current job my podcast consumption has only grown. Because of this I have now a pretty big collection of podcasts I like, and have tried many more that I haven't been so hot on. So I've decided to start this little blog series, Podcasticopia. Each week I will share one of the podcasts I'm currently listening to and why I think it's the bees knees.

In this inaugural post I want to share a show that has also not been around for too long, Dead Pilots Society. In each episode of DPS a writer gets to showcase a pilot for a sitcom that got optioned by a network but never picked up. At the top of the show you get a bit of background on where the idea for the show came from and the story behind why it wasn't picked up. Then the real fun happens with a full read through of the script with actors and a live studio audience.

As I've mentioned DPS hasn't been around for too long, so as of this post going live there are only 4 episodes to catch up on. Also because of the amount of work that goes into getting actors, audience and a place to record, new episodes tend to be released every month or so. But when a new episode pops up in my feed I'm always happy to see it.

As a former film student, listening to the creative process behind writing a script and trying to get it to production is always interesting to me. Another thing that is really nice about DPS is often this will be the first time these scripts have been performed for an audience, and they are genuinely funny. You could imagine how they may have evolved as a full season if they were picked up. The acting in all the episodes so far have been superb, with some especially good performances in the episode Only Child with John Hodgeman.

You can find Dead Pilots Society HERE and on popular podcast services.

Let me know if you listened and enjoyed it.
Thanks for reading.

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  1. I will listen to this now.

    Thank you for the recommendation!