My Travel Wishlist

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

I have always wanted to travel, explore new places and experience new things. The problem with having a bug for travel is that it costs ALL THE MONEY. So instead of giving up on travel I've just made a list of places I definitely want to visit, and one day even if I'm old and grey I'll visit them. Here are some of the places that I have on my travel wishlist.

1. Seattle / Vancouver BC
Source: JamesZ_Flickr (Via. Flickr)

First on the list I'm going to put a two for one up, because these places are so close together; that I would visit both on the same trip. Seattle in the USA and its Canadian neighbour Vancouver are two cities that I have always wanted to visit. My interest with Seattle comes from music; the band Nirvana was a firm favourite of young teen Gary and from them I first learned of Seattle. Since then having seeing more of the city from TV, YouTube and some podcasts it seems like my kind of scene. The city and surrounding areas look beautiful and I would want to explore it well. I just hope it's not as dangerous as Greys Anatomy make it out to be. Just a hop and skip across the boarder is Vancouver, another city that I have learned about and would very much like to visit. I listen to several podcasts by comedians from Vancouver, and the comedy and cultural scene up there sounds fantastic.

2. Iceland
Source: Kamil Porembiński (Via. Flikr) (CC BY-SA 2.0)

I'm not sure what it is exactly about the little country of Iceland that makes me want to visit it so much. I mean obviously its an absolutely beautiful country full of dramatic landscapes and natural wonders like the northern lights. But it is also something different from the standard holiday in the Mediterranean that I have mainly been on, and I think is something of a yearly British pilgrimage to get some sun and vitamin D. I on the other hand am not a sun dweller and would much rather explore the wilds of Iceland. 

3. Japan

Japan is one of those places that I have always found fascinating. It has been such a big part of all the media that I consumed as a teenager, from video games to anime. I would love to go and explore the bright, busy cities as well as the fantastic temples. As a video game obsessed fool, I would love to visit Akihabara in Tokyo, a place that has made a name for itself for being a geeky paradise. 


  1. I'm right there with you for Iceland! I wanna go there so bad it looks so beautiful! Hope you make it to these places some day!

    Rai |

    1. Hopefully I'll get there one day. I think Iceland will be the most likely because it's so close. ����

  2. I spent New Years in Tokyo and it was awesome. I spent 14 months travelling and the only way to check in to my flight to New Zealand was to have an ongoing ticket. The cheapest ticket was Tokyo so I wasn't going to turn that opportunity down.
    Even though I have spent a week there, I still really want to go again. New Year is their biggest celebration so most places were closed. I visited the Square Enix building only to find all the offices inside closed. Oops.
    I really want to visit Iceland too so I can see the Northern Lights.

    Tea in the Tub