Pokémon Sun & Moon Special Demo Impressions

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

This year Pokemon has seen a resurgence of interest over the summer, with the amazing but short lived popularity of Pokemon Go the public have been reminded of these adorable little buddies. Well some of us never forgot and the release of the mainline games is always a must play for any true Pokéfan. On November 23rd (November 18th outside Europe) a brand new adventure will be released; Pokemon Sun and Moon. In anticipation of this a demo version has been released with a totally separate story than the main game. So this evening I booted up my 3DS and curled up under a cozy blanket to see what we can expect in a months time.

The Odd Pear #12 - We Drank Too Much

Thursday, 13 October 2016

This week we were meant to talk about autumn encroaching on us. But we were silly adults and ended up drinking too much. So we end up yammering on about: our bad fashion choices, sun beds, being a muscle man and Twilight.

Also we offer an apology for anyone that has been waiting for a new episode. We have had an extremely busy few months but will endeavor to bring out the podcast on a more frequent basis.

Also please drink responsibly ;p

3 Times I was an Odd Child

Monday, 10 October 2016

I think I had a pretty normal childhood. Although I could at times be a slightly neurotic child that would later become a neurotic adult. For example when I put out the cutlery for dinner I HAD to make sure everyone had matching knives and forks. My reasoning for this was that if one person had odd cutlery they may think I poisoned them, and used a different style so I could tell what ones were the murder knives and forks. Now my anxiety comes from far less abstract worries, like saying hello too quietly to someone in work and worrying that they didn't hear and thought I was ignorant. But those are pretty dark examples so here are a few stories of when I was a weird kid.

Would you move to Mars?

Monday, 3 October 2016

In the history of our human species there has never been a larger challenge then establishing human life on another planet. It's something that has been the dream of novelists, scientists, astronomers and philosophers since we looked up saw the moon and wondered "whats it like up there?". In 1969 we were finally able to put a human on the moon, however that "great leap for mankind" ended up landing quicker then expected. Since then our involvement in space exploration has been limited, and the dream of expanding the Human race off Earth seemed less likely. But why should we try and go to Mars at all?