What I've been playing - Aug 2016

Saturday, 3 September 2016

I can't believe it's nearly September, this year has gone so fast. This month has been fairly busy, with traveling to Plymouth to visit family and the Girl Gang Event taking up a fair amount of my time. On months like this I tend not to play games that I need to spend a lot of time with to dig my teeth into. So pretty much all I've been playing have been games that I can quickly jump on for an hour here and there. 

I did actually plan on doing a post like this last month but I took too long to finish it. However I will try and give a round up of what I've been playing each month from now on. So here is what I've been spending time with this past month.


I have a problem, and it may be detrimental for my future wellbeing. I JUST CAN'T STOP PLAYING OVERWATCH. It's got claws deep into me and just wont let go. If you haven't read my post about Overwatch that pretty much sums up all that needs to be said about why I love it. This month there has been some new updates and news around it. 

First of all in support on the Rio Olympics we got treated to the summer games loot boxes. In them we could get special skins, victory poses and other unlocks. I managed to pick up a few but I'm just hoping that they will do it again next year for me to collect more. If they are able to continue to do little events with special unlocks then I can see me coming back every now and then to get all the new goodies.

Also we got shown a new map that will come out in September, and a brand new animated short. This time it was focused on the war machine Bastion. I have been impressed with every short that Blizzard have put out and this is no exception, it's something I would expect from Pixar. You can watch the short below.

  SOURCE: Blizzard Entertainment


Unturned has been out for a while, when it was first came out it caught my attention briefly but I never ended up playing it due to the massive backlog of games I already had. If you are unfamiliar, Unturned is a survival / building game set in a post apocalyptic zombie infested land. It is similar to a low-fi, free version of Rust, H1Z1, DayZ and other games like that. It being free was one of the main reasons I decided to give it a go. You can decide to pay a few quid to upgrade to a premium version - something that I intend to do - to get various extras. That being said you can do pretty much everything with a free account and the premium members have no advantage over you.

Although the game has been created with a multiplayer game-play mindset, you are able to play a single player map. This is what I have been doing. Just cruising around searching through ruins and trying to survive is super fun. Although I have not dug too deep into the building aspect of the game, from videos I have seen I can see myself getting really stuck into it.

If your interested I've made a few videos about the game on my YouTube channel the first is embedded below. Unturned is free and on steam now.

SOURCE: Squid Guy / Smartly Dressed Games


Well here it is! The hot new trend on smartphones across the world. Pokémon Go came out and everyone jumped onto the Pokémon train again (a train I never left btw). Niantic Labs the developer of Pokemon go have been making this kind of multiplayer augmented reality game for a while now. The first of these was Ingress back when they were still owned by Google in 2012. A large amount of the game-play and data came right from that very game, just with a Pokémon skin over it.

I gave the game a try for a few weeks, mainly when I was walking to and from work. The main point of the game is to catch Pokémon in real world locations, train and battle them in a gym. As that the game achieves. However I found myself quickly becoming bored of doing just that, as I'm generally in a rush while walking places so I'd end up just forgetting to use the app.

In the past few weeks the amount of daily active users has fallen drastically. I think this was pretty much to be expected, however with Niantic having large plans I don't think it will be going anywhere any time soon. The same thing happened with Ingress, -although it didn't have as large a following as Pokémon Go- the audience it did have was very dedicated. So I'm pretty sure that a lot of the Pokémon Go players will be in it for the long haul. But it's just not for me, I'll be waiting for Pokémon Sun and Moon later this year.

SOURCE: Niantic Labs / The Pokemon Company (Via: Bulbapedia)

So there you have it, that was my August in gaming. This coming month the main thing I am looking forward too is the Battlefield 1 Beta, something I'm sure to be attached to for a good few hours. But that's for next month's round up.

What were you playing last month? Let me know in the comments and thanks for reading.

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  1. I played some Overwatch and couldn't really get into it! I can't put my finger on why but I know it's addictive if you are! I've been playing the classics Sims 4. I've also decided to jump back in and play some DOTA2 this month.

    I really go through proper phases with playing games, I either love them and play all sorts or hate them and can't stand the thought of playing one!

    Tarnya :)