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Tuesday, 27 September 2016

I consider myself a seasoned veteran of the internet at this point. My oldest memory of it was going around to my aunties house when I was 13 (circa 2002) and playing little flash games on the cartoon network website. At 15 (circa 2004) I started using the internet frequently, using a crappy dial up connection. Now at 27 I have a need to be connected to the internet that comes close to being a severe impairment. I use it for everything from entertainment to banking, and it keeps becoming more and more sophisticated. So today I would like to go back in time with you all and show you what I would expect to see on the world wide web when I was a teen.


Source: Google/ Internet Archive

Not too much has changed with Google since my day, except that it looks much slicker. Also in case you were wondering Froogle was just the shopping search with a far more punderful name.


Source: Myspace/ Internet Archive

It may be hard to believe now but MySpace was the place to be if you were a cool teen wanting to be popular with other cool teens. I like many other people used Myspace daily; learning HTML for your profile, obsessing over your top 8 friends, deciding on your profile music and acting like you didn't care even when you really did. This was all part of the quintessential Myspace experience.


Source: Quizilla/ Internet Archive

If you were in an IT lesson in school and didn't want to do work you could do one of 3 things. 1, steal the balls from peoples mice. 2, screenshot someones desktop, set it as their background and delete the icons. Or 3 do some cool teen quizzes on Quizilla. You would be able to figure out the really important things about your life. Like, Who is my Harry Potter Boyfriend? or What element anime character am I?


Source: YouTube/ Internet Archive

Back in 2006 YouTube was only a year old, but I watched just as many funny animal videos (in 240p). Back then videos had a 5 star rating instead of a thumbs up/down system and it took 2 weeks to buffer. It still was an efficient way to waste your time though.


Source: Blogger/ Internet Archive

If you wanted to share your thoughts and feelings online you had two choices Blogger or LiveJournal. Although if I went back now and saw some of the posts me and my friends posted they would be really cringe and full of teen angst. Thank god they have been deleted forever, haven't they??? 


Source: Twitter/ Internet Archive

I didn't use Twitter until much later but it was around in 2006 and here is what it looked like. I wonder if back then the people using it realized how much of a big deal it would become? I probably should have jumped on the bandwagon earlier.

What were some of your earliest internet memories?
What sites would you always be found on?

Thanks for reading :)

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