What I've been playing - Sept 2016

Friday, 30 September 2016

This month has been dominated by shooty gunmen for me. I was planning on playing some Dragon Quest 9 this month, but that ended up being put on the back burner for now. Not for any particular reason, that just seems to happen when you fall into a deep video game addiction, you buy games and never end up playing them. Another game that isn't in this post but I have also been playing is Overwatch. I decided to leave it out because I really cant see myself putting it down any time soon and I really don't want to write a reason every month for why I'm still playing it. Just trust me it's really, REALLY good. So without any further ado these are the games I've been playing this month.

My Teen Internet Life

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

I consider myself a seasoned veteran of the internet at this point. My oldest memory of it was going around to my aunties house when I was 13 (circa 2002) and playing little flash games on the cartoon network website. At 15 (circa 2004) I started using the internet frequently, using a crappy dial up connection. Now at 27 I have a need to be connected to the internet that comes close to being a severe impairment. I use it for everything from entertainment to banking, and it keeps becoming more and more sophisticated. So today I would like to go back in time with you all and show you what I would expect to see on the world wide web when I was a teen.

Battlefield 1 Beta Impressions

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

For the past week I've jumped head first into the open beta of Battlefield 1. I got invited to the early access for the PC version, giving me an extra day with it. My PC is an old boy now and only just kept up with all the new graphic fidelity DICE has shoved into the game. Therefore for the rest of the beta time I switched to the PS4 version. Also for some reason the Battlefield series is the one shooter that I'm better at on console then PC. No idea why but I ain't complaining.

How I Cope With Computer Eyes?

Friday, 9 September 2016

I'm a pretty heavy user of screens. I would estimate that around 75% of my time at home, I'm looking at a screen. With the increase of smartphone use and how easy it is to take a tablet with you from room to room, it's so easy to find yourself looking at a screen. When I was a kid my mum used to say that my "eyes will turn square" if I looked at a screen for too long. It turns out that's not too far from the truth!

What I've been playing - Aug 2016

Saturday, 3 September 2016

I can't believe it's nearly September, this year has gone so fast. This month has been fairly busy, with traveling to Plymouth to visit family and the Girl Gang Event taking up a fair amount of my time. On months like this I tend not to play games that I need to spend a lot of time with to dig my teeth into. So pretty much all I've been playing have been games that I can quickly jump on for an hour here and there.