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Sunday, 21 August 2016

I love podcasts! I have been listening to them for about 10 years now, and have seen the medium grow into this extremely polished form of entertainment that it is today.  My love affair began as something to listen to while grinding in World of Warcraft with WoW Radio on in the background. Since then my palate has refined and podcasts have grown more and more mainstream. So here is a small sample of podcasts that I listen to weekly and love.


Sawbones - hosted by Justin and Dr Sydnee McElroy - explores all the trials, tribulations and goofs our ancestors made through the years while trying to figure out how to heal themselves. I love listening to this not just because its informative and interesting, but because of friendly and funny atmosphere that this couple produce. This is a definite must listen for all those with an inquisitive mind. You can start on any episode too there all good.

You can find them and listen right HERE


If you are a massive nerd like me chances are you end up living in the past and reminiscing about all the old games you used to play. Well I have some news for you, we're not the only ones. Retronauts features a round-table discussion about old video games, some you'll know, but every now and then they feature an obscurity that makes me curious to try something new. Either way this podcast is hugely entertaining and the amount of work researching the topics must be substantial.

You can find them and listen right HERE


Sometimes you just want to listen to a couple of dinguses having fun and talking about life. Well each week this Canadian podcast dream team invite a whole heap of funny guests along to have a light upbeat chat. Sometimes being British the references can go over my head, but I'm usually pretty quick to pick up on whats going on. It also contains one of the best features ever; Overheards. In this the guests and listeners tell stories of funny things they overheard people saying in passing.

You can find them and listen right HERE


If you like goofs and games look no further. Some say "Rome wasn't built in a day", well Nick and Griffin try to come up with triple A game ideas in each episode. Almost all the games created contain some kind of goofy peripheral and end up being a disaster. But each week they get back on that game development horse and try again. A favorite episode of mine is Episode 21 The Dance Hunter

You can find them and listen HERE


As a former film student I love keeping up to date with cool pop culture ideas. I also really enjoy round table podcasts where a group of experts and critics chat about different topics. PCHH combines both of these and is a must listen for fellow pop culture nerds.

You can find them and listen HERE

There are so many more podcasts that I love that this post could just keep going and going. I think a part 2 will be called for in the future. But when your done listening to these podcasts you can always listen to the podcast I do with my beautiful girlfriend Jemma.


In our podcast myself and Jemma tackle a new topic in every episode and give our thoughts on anything and everything. We try to keep it light and upbeat and have a whole butt-load of fun making it. Hopefully we can get a new episode out every week but we can be really crap at keeping up with a schedule so you may need to bear with us sometimes.

You can listen to us ramble on HERE

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