5 Podcasts I Love

Sunday, 21 August 2016

I love podcasts! I have been listening to them for about 10 years now, and have seen the medium grow into this extremely polished form of entertainment that it is today.  My love affair began as something to listen to while grinding in World of Warcraft with WoW Radio on in the background. Since then my palate has refined and podcasts have grown more and more mainstream. So here is a small sample of podcasts that I listen to weekly and love.

5 most messed up Pokémon

Thursday, 18 August 2016

With the release of Pokémon Go, these cute little buggers have become super popular again. Well they may not be as adorable as they seem, some of them have a dark past that would even make Edgar Alan Poe recoil in horror. So I sincerely believe it's my duty to uncover the sordid pasts of these creatures. Therefore in no particular order here are 5 of the most messed up Pokémon around.

I want to break free! - Breakout Liverpool

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Boredom, it the curse of this 21st century life. Every now and then you just want to get out and do something, but why go the cinema and a restaurant when you could have Netflix and a chippy? Well I have something different and exciting for you to try; escape rooms! 

I first heard about escape rooms a couple of years ago from a few different podcasts that I listen to. The basic idea of them is that you and a group of friends get locked into a room full of clues and tasks, over an hour you have the ultimate goal of figuring out a way to escape the room. The idea of going out and doing an activity that isn't passive and was a challenge was very appealing for me. However when I began to search out places in the UK that did these escape rooms I hit a brick wall, the only places I could find were across the pond. Until now!

My lovely girlfriend Jemma was invited to go check out Breakout Liverpool; an escape room company right at our doorstep. So after the begging and bargaining she agreed to let me be one of her guests to go check the place out. Breakout Liverpool had several different rooms to try all with different themes, from a pirate ship to a missile base, each room has it's own challenges and difficulty level. We ended up going with a spy training scenario. 

On the day Jemma and I met up with Holly and Sarah to do our spy training. We were briefed on what we had to complete in the 60 minutes allotted and the story behind the room (the room we chose actually had a sequel room). We were a group of rag-tag agents that was just about to go on our first mission, however there was one thing in our way! Our commander was a tyrant for rules and didn't think we were ready for the big time. The fiend developed this room as a final test to prove that we could handle it. 

I wont tell you what happened in the room because I wouldn't want to spoil it for anyone, plus its classified. But I'll give you a little taste of what to expect. The main challenge of the room was to figure out the combination of a code to get out, to do this we had to figure out lots of smaller clues like lock combinations and finding keys. All the puzzles in the room don't assume any prior knowledge, it's just about logic and lateral thinking. It turned out to be just as fun as I thought it would be, especially in an energetic group the atmosphere in the room is all excitement and intrigue. Also don't worry if you get completely stuck, there is someone watching on CCTV and will give you hints if needed. 

This is such a good idea for a day out and something a group of friends can banter about afterwards. It's entertainment like this that does leave you with an experience at the end of the day are really valued in my eyes. That's what life's all about really, experiencing different weird things. Breakout Liverpool is one of those things that I really am glad I could experience. If you want to try it for yourself the prices are £60 or £70 depending on the room, that works out to about £12 or £14 per person if you go in a group of 5. You can find more details on www.breakoutliverpool.com

Oh and don't worry we did escape and here's the picture to prove it.