4 Cartoon characters that should have gone to prison!

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Yes yes cartoons aren't real, but sometimes the characters do some real messed up stuff. Stuff that if any real person even attempted they would be given a one way ticket to the slammer. So here is a list of just a few of cartoons most wanted deviants. Also to make it more interesting I left out all characters that are meant to be evil. 

1. Didi, Stu & Lou Pickles for Child Neglect

Klasky Csupo

The Rugrats was one of my favorite cartoons growing up. I loved seeing the adventures that those little buggers got up to. However looking back on it now the parents of these babies may have looked loving and caring on the outside but were some of the most neglectful pieces of shit when they got wrapped up in their own drama.

Klasky Csupo

For example one time Grandpa Lou took the babies out for a walk during a heatwave and ended up helping some random construction workers. Leaving the babies dehydrated and getting burnt by the harsh sun. They desperately searched for some water so they don't die while Grandpa couldn't care the least?!?!? LOCK THIS MAN UP

2.Everyone in Pokémon for Animal Cruelty and Slavery

Nintendo / via giphy.com

You may try to put a happy smile on it but the world of Pokémon is real messed up. The people who live in this world are literally forcing animals to fight each other for their own amusement. It needs to be stopped. You may say that they enjoy fighting! Well they were happy and doing just fine before they got beat up in the woods and shoved into a tiny ball.

Nintendo / via giphy.com

Also there is Mr Mime who is quite obviously an eccentric man who has been forced to do household chores.

3. Johnny Bravo for Sexual Harassment

Cartoon Network

Let's not sugar coat this, Johnny Bravo is a CREEPO. He cannot form healthy relationships with women, so he stalks and harasses them. He is a menace to society and can't be trusted. So I'm glad he is constantly getting the shit kicked out of him by the fairer sex. The ultimate testament to no means no!

4. Ed, Edd n Eddy for Fraud, False Advertising and Terrorism

Cartoon Network

Ed, Edd and Eddy are a classic example of criminal pathology. They have this unyielding need to make that dolla dolla bill and don't care who they stand on to get it. They will lie about their phony products and come up with business ideas that scam the customer and occasionally cause physical harm to innocent people. Also there was this one time they made a stink bomb that was basically a weapon of mass destruction. 

So there you go 4 cartoon characters you should watch your back around. What other characters do you think should be locked up?


  1. Man, when you look back, kid's cartoons were really messed up! Pretty sure that the Biker Mice From Mars violated some traffic laws!

    1. Yeah, also they frequently damaged private property!! At least the wore helmets most of the time.

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