5 Steam Summer Sale 2016 Picks

Thursday, 23 June 2016

Oh happy day, oh joyous day. The Christmas in summer for PC gamers has come again, the 2016 Steam Summer Sale has started. If you're new to PC gaming or even a seasoned veteran, each year Steams massive sales are always a good place to pick up a real bargain. So being a skinflint like I am I'll dig deep for some real good games to play on the cheap. If I can I'll get enough to last me 'till the next sale.

So here are my 5 picks for games you should pick up. They could be new they could be old but either way they will be super fun. So without further delay and in no particular order here are my 5 picks for the Steam Summer Sale 2016.

1; DARK SOULS - £19.99 £4.99

Dark Souls is one of those games that has built a really strong and dedicated following, and not without good reason. You start off as an undead nameless prisoner, that has been shipped off to the Undead Asylum. You must escape the asylum, afterward you're thrown into the world to try and regain your humanity by fighting increasingly challenging bosses.

Even though the world of Dark Souls is very deep and if you wanted to, you could get really lost in the lore and mythology of the place. The real draw of the game is the extremely difficult combat. As you journey through the world you will be killed ... often. This is not a game that can be easily played it takes time and patience to learn how to fight effectively.  However once you have mastered the combat; the thrill you get after finally defeating a boss after dying to it 30 times is like no other game I have ever played.

There are also 2 sequels also on the sale; Dark Souls 2 is  £10.19 and Dark Souls 3 is £29.99. Even with these 2 newer games I still suggest the original if you want to make a start in the series.

2; LIFE IS STRANGE - £15.99 £7.99 (for the complete season)

In the last 5 years we have seen a resurgence and evolution of a genre that many thought died long ago, point and click adventure games. Thanks in no small part to TellTales Walking Dead series of games we have a whole new generation of these games to enjoy. Even though modern adventure games give you a bit more freedom to move about compared to there rather static aged counterparts, you still get the larger story and character building that few other genres can compete with.

Life is Strange is definitely one of the better series to do this developed by one of the smaller SquareEnix studios, Life Is Strange follows the life of high school student Max. The main point of conflict and interest in Max's life is that she has discovered that she can turn back time. Not only this but all kinds of strange occurrences are happening all over her hometown - that she just moved back to. As she reunites with old friends and meets some new ones Max has to make decisions that affect the whole town and her friends.

While Life Is Strange has it's problems in the story, it kept me gripped with its Pretty Little Liars style mystery. It's a must play, but if you're still not sure you can pick up the first episode in the season for just £1.59. So there is no reason not to give it a try.

3; CITIES: SKYLINES £22.99 £9.99

This may or may not surprise you but I AM A GEEK!! I love tinkering with things, building things and in some cases intentionally destroying things. Cities Skylines scratches this itch for me and more. In the basic of terms it's a city building game, something that i have been obsessed with since Sim City: 3000 way back in 1999. But really how much could city building games could have changed? Well, a lot.

Before Skylines was released there had been a serious lack of really good city building games. The new SimCity was released in 2013 (2 years before Skylines, 10 years after the last SimCity) and fell flat with poor reviews and functionality. Then in 2015 Skylines swooped in and saved the day. If you enjoy city building games there really isn't anything better. With the amount of add on's and maps built by the community that you can use for free, there isn't a lack of content for the foreseeable future. This is a game that you could loose hundreds of hours to, so it's a bargain at that £9.99 price.

4; UNDERTALE £6.99 £4.89

Undertale is a strange game. But strange in all the best ways, last year it came out of nowhere and attached itself to the hearts of thousands of people. Developed by a team of one, Undertale takes 8 bit nostalgia and creates a charming and at some points heartbreaking game.

Undertale is a turn based RPG with the mechanic of being able to resolve every encounter peacefully or violently. Both these choices can have very drastic consequences to the game. With multiple endings to encourage you to play the game different ways each time. The game focuses around you being the only human in a land full of monsters. As you work your way back to the human lands you will meet lots of wacky and odd people. Some friendly, some not so much but all with really well written and funny dialogue (as long as you like dad jokes).

5; STARDEW VALLEY £10.99 £8.79

Yep it's another nostalgia bomb. If you grew up playing the farming life sim series Harvest Moon then Stardew Valley is a must buy. The creation of this game really was a labor of love for ConcernedApe; another single man team that wanted to bring back a type of game he loved from his youth, and thank god he did.

Released earlier this year Stardew Valley follows you as your journey to restore a farm that you inherited from your grandfather leads you to the quaint Pelican Town. Throughout the town you can meet the locals and grow friendships. Even romantic interests can show themselves at later stages. This game holds lots of content to fill your time with from farming, fishing, fighting through mines and growing relationships. It seems like the true pinnacle of what Natsume wanted to grow Harvest Moon into but never managed to do it quite this well.

Oh and if you want to see even more you can watch my play through that I just started on my YouTube ;P


  1. I've been thinking about getting Life is Strange on PS4.

    1. Yeah I think it's defiantly worth playing. I never played it on PS4 but I'm thinking about playing through it again on there to get the trophies. ��

  2. I've got Dark Souls on Xbox and it is the most fustrating thing I've ever played! The price of Dark Souls 3 seems very reasonable! I think I'll be getting my hands on that!
    I've watched so many play throughs of Life is Strange, I really don't think there's any reason in my buying it - I'm miffed about because it is amazing. I've just bought Stardew Valley on your recommendation. I said I wouldn't buy another game until I've finished The Witcher 3, but I caved!

    1. I know how you feel about Life is Strange. I think I've seen so many videos of Five Nights at Freddy's, so I don't even need to play it. Plus it may be too spooky for me. Hope you enjoy Stardew Valley, I feel like it may be one of those games that will ruin my life.